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The after-life. Whether you believe in it or not, makes for an interesting conversation and an even better platform for a haunting novel. I will be doing more research in the months ahead and hopefully get to visit some haunted places and experience that eerie feeling one gets in certain premises when the deceased don’t want to leave this realm just yet. Just have to find a friend brave enough to accompany me!

7 thoughts on “Spirits

  1. I personally do not believe in the classical afterlife, be it Valhalla, Elysium or heaven. I am open minded to energy and other dimensions. Ghosts? Perhaps… I would be happy to go ‘ghostbusting’ with you. Sounds like interesting research.

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  2. I have done a search for the haunted places in Melbourne and Victoria and have an extensive list that includes: Kew mental asylum, Beechworth asylum, Aradale mental asylum, Altona homestead, Pentridge gaol and the Coach and Horses Inn. Some have tours, some are derelict and may require some sneak tactics and others you may be able to make an agreement with the owner… Let me know if you want the list.

    Does anyone else know of haunted places in Victoria, Australia?

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  3. Yes I believe in spirits. When my nan passed she visited me on that night.

    I was living in unit in greensborough and I seen a man with a white beard on several occasions. This one time I woke to him staring at me very close in my personal space and he said BOO and I yelled at him to go away and i have not seen him again

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