Please allow me to apologise! Whilst launching Thirteen and Underwater, I am also currently revising and rewriting The Given, Book One of The Given Trilogy! Seven years is a nice while, to reflect back, and grab hold of the reigns of regret, and I now take the opportunity to make The Given what she should have been! I thank you all in advance for your patience. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!


Thirteen and Underwater Paperback Book

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Book two of The Given trilogy

Damon Night has been absent from The Given Establishment these past five years, to work undercover in a world full of despicable mayhem, to put an end to one of many underground organisations. In his absence, Lilliana has grown into a stunning woman of twenty two and has made remarkable progress in her life. Existing day to day without him, striving to be the best in her field as a leading therapist offering support to the mentally ill and damaged souls the world has thrown at them. Between a hectic schedule, expected from the establishment, to juggling any free time with her friends, life flowed around her in a complex, yet meaningful way as the years passed, longing for Damon’s return. When Damon returns, Lilliana hardly recognises the unpredictable and dangerous man who stands before her, but wants him all the same. And from the look on his face, he wants her too!

Will the sparks that flew between them in the past have a chance to ignite into a raging fire? Or will The Givens’ grounds prove once again that things never run smoothly? Just when they are so close to coming together, evil forces weave their destructive web. Will Lilliana and Damon finally overcome these dangerous hurdles, or will they once again be forced miles apart?

Dark Angel is the much anticipated sequel to The Given, that keeps the reader enthralled throughout. Ignited passion, danger, crime and suspense flow off the pages as life at The Given continues to unfold for Lilliana and her friends at their Louisianna property. Mickey Martin has created another gripping novel full of twists and plots that leaves the reader eager to see where the characters will end up n the third and final book of The Given trilogy, The Guardian”.       

Sally Taylor


Book one of The Given trilogy

The world in 2045 has no tolerance for criminals. For the poor with no connections, a simple bullet puts an end to your life of crime.
But for the lucky ones, with wealthy families and connections, you’re given a second chance, and sent to certain establishments around the world called The Given.
Within these facilities, you are educated to a superior level and offered a better way in which to live.
Lilliana was one of the lucky ones. After a horrific event that separates her from her family forever, she is placed in Louisiana’s Given Facility, ran by the ever charming and handsome brothers, Damon and Cam Night.
Lilliana finds herself in a world of new rules, dangerous minds, but thankfully, friends who become her ‘sisters of the heart’.
As Lilliana and Damon fight their growing, forbidden attraction, Lilliana tries to hold onto the reality that is her new life, whilst dealing with sinister and unstable individuals.
Can Damon stay away from her whilst he manages his family’s business? Or does their time together end before it has a chance to flourish?

“I couldn’t put my  finger on the exact genre of this book. It had a bit of everything without being confusing. And I wanted more! It pulsated with danger, romance and was addictive from the start. Brilliant for Mickey Martin’s  debut Novel! Looking forward to reading more from this talented author”.

Louise Manna

The Standard

iPad opens world of writing for former Woolsthorpe, Glenormiston student.

10 Jan 2015, 4 a.m.

THERE’S a theme running through first-time author Michelle Weitering’s work that reminds readers of last month’s Sydney siege and the Jill Meagher murder.
She based her trilogy around the polarised issue of how to deal with re-offenders.
Her stories portray a volatile romance set in the future of 2045 where there is no tolerance for repeat criminals.
The poor have their life ended with a bullet, but those with wealth or connections are sent elsewhere and offered a better way to live.
They are called The Given, which is the title of the first of her trilogy. “In today’s world re-offenders are often let free and people have strong views on this,” she said.
“I think there’s a message in my work, but nothing that should offend. Rather, my main goal is to entertain.
“It has a happy ending, because life is beautiful.”The 40-year-old, who grew up in Woolsthorpe and Glenormiston, is surprised at the enthusiastic response to her first book published by Xlibris.
She uses Mickey Martin as her author’s name, reflecting her nickname and maiden name.
English was one of her favourite subjects at Woolsthorpe Primary School and Terang College, but it didn’t come to the fore until later.
“When I turned 40 my husband and two sons bought me an iPad and in between household chores I would sit and write to 2am.
“It surprised me how the words flowed and I found how much I enjoyed it.”
In fact the words came so freely one book could not contain her thought flow — it turned into three in less than a year.
After The Given, she wrote Dark Angel and has almost completed The Guardian.
And she already has the plot for her next work. She hopes positive response to her initial work will help open doors into bigger fields.