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A little about me.
Well, I am an absolute celebrator of life and I’m an extremely grateful human.  As I’ve gotten older and wiser over the years, I have learnt to appreciate the simpler things in life:
A garden filled with Bumble Bee’s, a cup of tea, a conversation with a good friend, laughing with my husband, appreciating my sons for exactly who they are, books that can take me away from my world, good memories, and five minutes peace that doesn’t have anything to do with the toilet! (Maybe only other parents would get that last one!)
I believe we should all be as kind as possible to each other, in a world that can be so unjust and cruel at times. And not to sound like ‘Mr. Collins’ – Pride and Prejudice, but I do like to think of myself as a ‘Healer of Souls’, and thrive in doing all that I can to make someone else’s day, a little brighter.
I saw this quote on Pinterest….and absolutely love it. It works for me.

“Expect nothing
appreciate everything” 

I love the fact that I am able to write, and share my stories with others. Feedback is always welcome and I am so grateful for all the support I have had along the way with my books. Thank you to those that have reached out, and I certainly look forward to connecting with more gorgeous readers.
Looking forward to sharing my year ahead with you all!


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