Hello everyone, I’m Mickey Martin, (AKA Michelle Weitering) author and celebrator of life. I live in Frankston, Victoria when I’m not living in my alternate world, the wonderful world of books where I like to escape to and create my characters! 


I’m a proud member of the Romance Writers Association of Australia, the Australian Society of Authors, Writers Victoria, and the Peninsula Writers’ Club, and have been blessed with many opportunities because of my writing, which has taken me nationally in Australia and internationally to Ireland, thanks to my sensational publishing house MMH PRESS, who have supported me through my entire authorship journey.


As a mental health advocate, I am passionate about raising awareness on topics such as anxiety, depression, addiction, P.T.S.D, domestic violence and sexual abuse. Through my books I address these important issues and I incorporate messages of hope and healing through the power of story. 


The written word is such a powerful tool, and I feel blessed to be able to create diverse, resilient characters who thrive and survive after hardships and trauma. After all, I believe we deserve a happy ending as we navigate our way through this life, which is often filled with heartache and hurdles.


A couple of my favorite and most inspirational quotes that I love are:


‘Forgive yourself  for not knowing what you didn’t know until you lived through it. Honor your path. Trust your journey. Learn, grow, evolve, become.’   


‘Expect nothing appreciate everything.’  


It is amazing what happens once you let go of things that you ‘think’ you deserve. Gratitude is a major part of how I live my life and I believe it is important just to embrace life and all that you have in the here and now. Starting today.


We should all be as kind as possible as we can to each other, especially in a world that can be so unjust and cruel. For me personally, I thrive in doing all I can to make someone else’s day shine that little bit brighter whenever I get the chance. It’s so easy. 


Kindness is key to a beautiful life.


I have some exciting projects coming up in the next few months tackling some heartfelt issues, and I so look forward to sharing them with you all soon.


Thank you for visiting my page. 


Warmly, with love in my heart to you, 


Mickey xx

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