MICKEY MARTIN lives and breathes romance into her novels; despite the dark, turbulent situations and plot twists her heroes and heroines must face. Mickey is a true romantic writer at heart who feels it is important to leave the reader with messages of hope and healing. Her books are filled with casts of colourful, resilient characters who thrive and survive hardships and trauma, allowing the reader to draw endless inspiration from memorable faces who have backbones of steel and hearts of gold as they go in search of their ‘happy ever after.’

The Given Trilogy certainly represents all of those things.

Mickey is also a non-fiction writer under her married name, Michelle Weitering. Here she seeks to write and make a difference, inviting the reader to question what more they can do to make our world a better place, with acts of kindness.  As a mental health advocate, she uses her writing to become a voice for those living and dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, and other important social issues surrounding mental illness in order to raise awareness for mental health.

Thirteen and Underwater has reached international readers who have resonated strongly with the messages of love and support within its pages as Mickey has shared their family story, raising children with mental health issues.

Many new and exciting projects are developing in the pipeline for Mickey as she celebrates her love for her home state, Victoria – stretching from the Western District, The Golden Triangle and The Mornington Peninsula.

Soul Keepers of Glenormiston South, is the first book in her The Victoria Collection, launching November 2021 in Terang where Mickey went to High school. Her love and passion for her childhood home of 35 years, Glenormiston South, was the inspiration behind this series, and is her way of celebrating the beauty of Victoria, and the memories she has made within each town. A Chilling Summer in Inglewood set in the Golden Triangle, where her family have lived for five generations, and Sweet Water Creek, in Frankston, along the Mornington Peninsula, where she resides with her family now. Mickey is hoping to do for Victoria Tourism, what Outlander did for Scotland, with her collection.

Plenty more projects are flowing behind the scenes, and Mickey was thrilled to be included in the latest GUMNUT PRESS Anthology, soon to be released, Sweet Delights. And celebrated having her first poem published via Black Quill Press in MESSAGES from the Embers. An Australian Bushfire poetry anthology, where profits were directed to Blaze Aid.

Celebrating another tick off her vision board, Mickey was delighted to be included in K P WEAVER’S Life Magic series, The Power of Knowing. And, attending the inaugural launch of MMH PRESS 2021 WRITERS’ RETREAT at Peel Manor House in Perth, she, alongside Co-Author, Kez Wickham St George, will be celebrating the launch of The Colours Of Me. An anthology which includes 18 powerful stories of women around the globe who have overcome hardships and trauma, to live their best full and beautiful lives.


Mickey Martin in her Manor, creating Soul Keepers of Glenormiston South.