Time is a gift.๐Ÿ

My twin said to me the other day, ‘I’m organising our birthday.’ I thought to myself, wow she sure is organised this year, I mean, September is months away. And there you have it. Time is flying once again, and I can hardly believe we are in August already!

Didn’t time drag when you were a kid at school? The year jut seemed to take forever. (Except school holidays!:) ย It’s as we get older, time becomes so precious, or at least, we learn to appreciate everything we can squeeze into the day. We measure time with how productive we are throughout the week, with what we have achieved, what goals we’ve set and actually accomplished.

This year, my Success has been measured by a number of things. Simple things to some, but 19 months moving forward after the loss of my Mum, they have been big enough for me. Re-writing Thirteen and Underwater was a huge task. So much had to be altered and added after Jesse lost one of his biggest supporters, who really understood his struggle with anxiety. And now, happily it has been sent off to a number of Aussie publishers.

A number of small success’s: Started a few renovation projects that have been on the to-do list for a number years. Completed several gardening projects. Removed The Given from Xlibris. Started a worm farm. Packed up, renovated, staged and sold Mum’s house. Survived a gangrenous and septic infection from an unexpected burst appendix. And finally attended a writers group meet with the Peninsula Writers club, that I’ve ย been meaning to attend for 2 years!

Whats on my to-do list for the remainder of the year?

Do my part for our Aussie drought striken farmers and their animals. And I don’t just mean buying a snag from the Bunnings fundraising sausage sizzle. (Although yummy!)

Revise The Given: This has been on my list, and have just finished reading her. Now to clean her up and present her as she should have been in the first place. Oh the joys of being a new author, rushing into publishing before you’re quite ready! Hindsight! ย The gift of time, I can fix that little problem. ๐Ÿ™‚ Both The Given and Dark Angel have been removed from Amazon and are presently unavailable.

I will relaunch them both, along with book three in the trilogy, The Guardian, which is also on my to-do list for this year.

Along with motherhood and being a family orientated individual with lots of family functions coming up, I will be a busy little bee in the remaining months of 2018.

Oh, that reminds me, my to-do list, will not be complete until I set up a bee-hive in my back yard!

I hope you have all had a great 2018 so far this year.

Take care of yourselves.




Had a fun little photo shoot!๐Ÿ“–