image2019 so far, has been nothing short of brilliant. It began, December 2018, when I connected with the most amazing Publisher ever – Karen Mc Dermott, of MMH Press. Since signing the publishing contract, for Thirteen and Underwater, I have been on a non stop ride that keeps getting better and better!

The opportunities that have come along the way for  Thirteen include being in the April edition of YMag. The first magazine of its type in Australia, featuring real, down to earth women striving for success, who are bridging the gap between where they are at, and where they want to be. I am completely excited about being amongst those women and extremely grateful for this opportunity!

When I opened the email from Karen, and had my first glance at the cover for Thirteen, I simply cried. Tears of pure joy, along with a deep knowing that this was the perfect cover for this story. A story that had been in the making for not only the last 5 years, but the past 18. It was such an euphoric moment.

As euphoric as the moment that Karen informed me, that Thirteen and Underwater has the opportunity to sit amongst the finest, at the London Book Fair this coming March 12th-14th! As I said….better and better! Pinch me, someone!

So many amazing opportunities still to come, and I will share all the news with you as I get it!

Launch Date for Thirteen and Underwater: May 27th. Will pop a pre-order link here soon! And then this happened. Forget about the pinch, someone slap me!


Praise for Michelle Weitering’s  Thirteen and Underwater

“Thirteen and Underwater is the incredible story of one boy’s harrowing journey through the paralysing forces of anxiety and mental illness that wreaks havoc on a suburban family. Lovingly told through the eyes of his mother, Weitering takes us into her family, exposing the good, the bad and the ugly of this increasingly prevalent disease and shines an all-important light on mental illness in all its debilitating forms. Deftly written, Weitering whispers to the emotional soul of motherhood and the unbreakable bond between mother and child, the fragility of the self and the resilience of the human spirit that lies deep within us all to never, ever give up – no matter what life throws at you.”

Susan Wakefield ~ The New York Times.