Regional Business Award Finalist

AusMumpreneur Awards 2019!

#AusMumprenuer update: It is official!
I am facing a panel of judges on the 5th September, and I am so very grateful for this opportunity.
I didn’t realise, when writing Thirteen and Underwater, how far reaching this book could be. Although I did write it with the intent to comfort others, by sharing our journey with those that live with and support a loved one with anxiety, it was also written to educate those that were not as informed or understanding about what living with someone, living with Mental illness, is like, every single day/year, for that person and the family supporting them.
I feel so honoured that I am in this position right now, and to be working with Headspace, and possibly, Ireland’s Jigsaw – is such an enormous privellage.
I actually feel as if I have won the lotto!
Thank you to every single one of you, that has supported me with every step of my journey thus far. It’s simply incredible!



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